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The "Bug of the Month" articles were written to alert insect lovers (a.k.a. ent-thusiasts) to interesting Pacific Northwest insects to be observed at the time of year they were published. (Some species included are not season-specific). The articles are listed below in publication order, with the month and year of the original newsletter issue. More articles will be added from time to time; maybe even an index some day. Click here to learn about our industrious authors!

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Title or Subject Date Appeared
Cabbage White Butterfly April 1993
Orange-Rumped Bumble Bee   NEW! May 1993
Stoneflies: Primitive Drummers March 1994
March Flies April 1994
Water Striders May 1994
Phantom Midges, Phantom Crane Flies June 1994
Polyphemus Moth July 1994
Yellowjackets August 1994
Golden Tortoise Beetle September 1994
Green Lacewings October 1994
Holly Leaf Miners December 1994
Booklice January 1995
Damselflies February 1995
Mourning Cloak Butterfly March 1995
Hover Flies April 1995
Woodland Skipper Butterfly August 1995
Paper Wasps September 1995
Sowbugs and Pillbugs November 1995
Sowbugs Revisited February 1996
Bee-Flies April 1996
Veined White Butterfly May 1996
Spittlebugs June 1996
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Wasp July 1996
Leaf-Cutter Bees August 1996
European Earwig October 1996
Cat Flea November 1996
Mistletoe Hairstreak Butterfly December 1996
Mole Crickets January 1997
Sawtoothed Grain Beetle February 1997
Scaphinotus Ground Beetles March 1997
Indian Meal Moth June 1997
Raising Crickets January 1999
House Cricket March 1998
Hollyhock Weevil August 1998
Codling Moth April 1999
Apple Maggot May 1999
Mites on Mason Bees   NEW! May 2000
Build a Bumble Bee House   NEW! February 2002
European Skipperling   NEW! August 2002
Bark Beetles & Dutch Elm Disease  NEW! January 2003
Indian Meal Moths Revisited   NEW! July 2003
Empis Dance Flies   NEW! April 2004
Pygmy Blue Butterfly   NEW! October 2004


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