Album of Deception Pass Field Trip

Selected photos from the spider collecting field trip to the Deception Pass area, Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands, Washington on 23 April 2006. Photos by Rod Crawford.

aerial photo, Nameless Point (E side Hoypus Hill), Whidbey Island, Washington Beach at Nameless Point, Whidbey Island, Washington; Kate Turner
Aerial photo of Nameless Point (USGS, 1998) Able assistant Kate Turner ready for the beach!   © Rod Crawford
rejuvenated Douglas-fir tree, Nameless Point, Whidbey Island, Washington Beach bluff, Nameless Point, Whidbey Island, Washington
Tree growing out of its own snag   © Rod Crawford Spider habitat hanging down the beach bluff    © Rod Crawford
Beach drift logs, Nameless Point, Whidbey Island, Washington
Driftwood: jumping spider habitat   © Rod Crawford Habitat of an unusual wolf spider        © Rod Crawford
Hillside bald meadow, Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington; Kate Turner aerial photo, hillside bald meadows, Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington
Looking up the Sugarloaf meadow  © Rod Crawford Aerial photo: Hillside balds on the Sugarloaf (USGS, 1998)
Hillside bald meadow and cliff, Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington hillside bald meadow, Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington
A cliff looms above the meadow   © Rod Crawford Looking across the hillside meadow     © Rod Crawford
Alder, Alnus rubra forest, base of Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington Alder, Alnus rubra swamp, Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington
Valley forest, alder & Douglas-fir   © Rod Crawford Twilight in the alder swamp           © Rod Crawford
view of Mount Erie from Sugarloaf, Fidalgo Island, Washington View of Puget Sound islands from Mount Erie, Fidalgo Island, Washington
Looking across at Mt. Erie     © Rod Crawford The view from Mount Erie              © Rod Crawford

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