Album of Bremerton City Parks Field Trip

Selected photos from a spider collecting field trip to city parks in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington on 31 December 2007 (yes, New Year's Eve). One park proved habitat-free, but the second one I visited, Forest Ridge Park, produced enough spiders to upgrade a 9-species sample to 25. They were sparse, though! Photos by Rod Crawford.

Forest Ridge Park, Bremerton, Washington, 1994 aerial photo
Forest Ridge Park from the air     (USGS, 1994) Approaching Bremerton on the ferry      © Rod Crawford
Completely spiderless leaf litter  © Rod Crawford Utter absence of spider habitat in Evergreen Park     © Rod Crawford
maple leaf litter on slupe under water tanks, Forest Ridge Park, Bremerton, Washington madrona Arbutus menziesii and conifer canopy, Forest Ridge Park, Bremerton, Washington
Litter-strewn slope to water tank    © Rod Crawford Madrona in Forest Ridge Park canopy       © Rod Crawford
invasive ivy Hedera helix on ground, Forest Ridge Park, Bremerton, Washington male crab spider Xysticus pretiosus Thomisidae, Forest Ridge Park, Bremerton, Washington
Invasive ivy well established      © Rod Crawford Xysticus pretiosus male              © Rod Crawford
Grammonota sp. female Linyphiidae, from south of Black Diamond, Washington forest trail in Forest Ridge Park, Bremerton, Washington
Grammonota from understory     © Rod Crawford Trail in Forest Ridge Park           © Rod Crawford

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