Album of Lilliwaup Field Trip

Selected photos from the spider collecting field trip to Little Lilliwaup Creek, Mason County, Washington on 19 June 2005. Photos by Rod Crawford and Liz Robinson, as credited. It's quite easy to see which one has the better camera, isn't it?

Meadow foliage, Lilliwaup, Washington sweeping meadow to collect spiders, Lilliwaup, Washington
Meadow habitat            © Elizabeth Robinson Sweeping meadow                        © Elizabeth Robinson
Non-native invasive foliage, Lilliwaup, Washington Pitfall trap set to collect spiders
100% exotic plants!            © Rod Crawford Pitfall trap in place in meadow                      © Rod Crawford
Sifting moss to collect spiders, Lilliwaup, Washington Moss on tree limb, Lilliwaup, Washington
Sifting moss                © Elizabeth Robinson Moss habitat                            © Elizabeth Robinson
pile of roof shakes seen as spider habitat, Lilliwaup, Washington understory foliage by Little Lilliwaup Creek, Washington
Pile of old shakes             © Rod Crawford Streamside understory foliage               © Elizabeth Robinson
flower crab spider Misumena vatia, mating pair Collecting spiders in salal, Lilliwaup, Washington
Misumena vatia male riding female (through glass)   © Elizabeth Robinson Sorting through salal beat catch with four-footed assistant          © Elizabeth Robinson
salal Gaultheria shallon & manzanita Arctostaphylos columbiana Robinson house, Little Lilliwaup Creek, Washington
Salal and manzanita      © Elizabeth Robinson Lilliwaup house in November             © Elizabeth Robinson
sedge Carex lyngbyei salt marsh, mouth of Little Lilliwaup Creek, Washington western hemlock Tsuga heterophylla foliage, Lilliwaup, Washington
Estuarine Carex marsh © Elizabeth Robinson Conifer foliage habitat                   © Elizabeth Robinson

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