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The Scarabs are most grateful to for this space in which to educate the public about bugs. See the link above for more info on the organization. At present, the following resources are available:

Bugs of the Month
Illustrated articles about cool and common Pacific Northwest bugs!

Melville Harrison Hatch
The life and works of the founder of Scarabs: beetle man and philosopher!

Spider Collector's Journal
The fun and not-so-fun events of a spider collector's life!



Pacific NW Moths, by Scarabs Peterson and Crabo  NEW!
• Scarab Schimming's BugGuide, best arthropod photo site there is!
• Don Ehlen's Insect Safari Home Page
• Scarab Sugden's Insect Exhibits at the University of Washington (some of which no longer exist!)
• Scarab Sugden's essay on Managing Yellowjackets
• Scarab Pehling's Gardening in Washington
• Scarab Robert Michael Pyle: biography and links to essays
• Scarab Pyle's Butterfly Big Year Blog  NEW!
• Home page of Scarab Ciscoe Morris
• Home page of Scarab David George Gordon
• A page about Scarab Bob Gara
• Scarab Trish Hanson's Vermont Entomological Society site
• Scarab Tom Noland's Adopt-a-Stream Foundation site
The Xerces Society (Invertebrate conservation; institutional member of Scarabs)
Leaf Litter Arthropods of Meso-America (Scarabs Feb. 2009 program!)  NEW!
Washington Butterfly Association (a sister group of Scarabs)  NEW INDEPENDENT WEB SITE!
Washington Butterfly Association Meeting Notices   NEW!

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